QFOR & KMO-Portefeuille


For CadCorner training you can receive subsidies, if your company meets the requirements, from ‘KMO-Portefeuille’.

What do you have to do to receive subsidies?

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Approval Number to request subsidies for CadCorner Training: DV.O209524


The Qfor Method is a modular system of Quality Evaluation and Certification of Training Institutes and Consultancy firms. It is based on client satisfaction research and/or analysis of organizational processes and resources.

Qfor “Client Scan”: Audit of Client Satisfaction: Are former clients satisfied, how do they evaluate the key aspects of the services they received?

The most important task of the auditor consists of collecting opinions of clients by way of structured discussions, to encode and analyse the results and to compare them with the satisfaction criteria of the Qfor ClientScan model:

  • In general at least 80% of the clients must be satisfied or very satisfied.
  • All clients must at least for 80% be satisfied or very satisfied with the aspects under consideration.

In both cases the identity data and the distinguishing characteristics of the organisation will be checked in order to ascertain transparency of the information. This is called: Qfor “Data Scan”.

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