PTC Creo Options Modeler

Speedy Delivery of Product Platforms

PTC Creo Options Modeler is a dedicated app for creating and validating 3D modular product assemblies, no matter how complex. By creating reusable design modules and defining how they interface and assemble, you can quickly generate a broader range of product offerings without significantly increasing cost or complexity.

In combination with PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Windchill, PTC Creo Options Modeler lets you automate error-prone tasks, resolve any issues early in the product development cycle, and collaborate more effectively with coworkers, customers and suppliers. These capabilities enable you to deliver better-quality, more highly customized products more quickly — increasing both customer loyalty and market share.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieve faster design cycles by creating and validating product variants in 3D early in the development process
  • Reduce process errors by generating and validating precise 3D models of product configurations defined by individual bills-of-materials (BOMs) from PTC Windchill
  • Automate the creation of any product by defining common architecture and product platforms — and manage how they interface and assemble
  • Respond to fast-changing customer needs and increase design and engineering productivity by improving communication with coworkers, customers and suppliers